About Us

OUR ETHOS: Green Chief Sustainability (GCS) are a dynamic company who specialise in producing tailor-made operational solutions to the environmentally conscious event. Primarily we work creatively with outdoor festivals and their audiences to stop stuff going to landfill. We believe that education and collaboration is key to changing the wasteful habits of festival cultures.

It is our belief that a variety of  methods, such as clear communication via signage and interactivity, a correct positioning of waste receptacles and a fastidious approach to sorting contaminated waste are the keys to success in gaining maximum recycle rates for an event.

We are also committed to ‘walking the walk’ by running our company in the most sustainable manner possible. This means we buy recycled and australian made, re-use materials and create re-useable equipment, minimise travel and offset our carbon emissions when we do travel and use 100% accredited green power at our office.

It has been suggested that changing bad habits (shown by the APA as the top psychological barrier on climate change) is far more successful in groups. Rosemary Sainty (St James Ethic Centre) describes this effect in groups of people that aren’t necessarily known to each other, as a social contract. For example, if one person is seen to be recycling at an event, this prompts others to do the same thing. It is regarded as a social norm. It can work negatively as well, if litter is dropped or fences are jumped, then these actions can also be regarded as a socially acceptable.